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Pediatric dentistry

Pediatric dentistry is dental care services dedicated to the care of children and is based on both temporary teeth (milk teeth) and permanent tooth just erupted.

If a child has healthy teeth, the will manage to feed himself correctly which will prevent digestive problems

Temporary teeth must be preserved in order to help permanent teeth to have space and correct position on the dental arch

Milk teeth help the harmonious development of the jaw

Milk teeth are an essential component in the development of speech

Aplicare de material pentru remodelarea si regenerarea tesuturilor pierdut

The loss of a temporary tooth may have repercussions on the adult dentition.

The most common condition is that baby bottle decay, which, untreated on time can cause:

Pain and discomfort

Speech Difficulties

Unsightly permanent teeth

Tooth loss before term with long-term repercussions.