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Because we are constantly concerned with the health, comfort and safety of our patients, we invest in modern, high performance technology. Thus, our office has the latest equipment and facilities that meet international standards of dental technology.

Dental microscope

The microscope is an optical instrument magnification, with high precision and accuracy in modern dentistry, ensuring maximum of success. It is a means of achieving excellent documentary pictures of an unequaled quality, providing an easy means for the doctor to explain the patient's condition. It also offers the patients the opportunity to live track the undergoing treatment through live video filming.

Biolase dental laser

In order to increase the quality and precision of treatments, our clinic uses one of the most advanced dental lasers in the world -Laser Epic Biolase.

Epic Biolase dental laser is the only laser diode has FDA approval for three distinct types of treatment: soft tissue, whitening, biochallenge / pain therapy.  Multiple uses: periodontal pocket curettage, gingivectomy and gingivoplasty, frenectomies exposure tooth, sulcular crowd, dental implants exposure, hemostasis, disinfection, adjuvant in endodontics.


During the surgical procedure, the patient is harvested a 10 ml blood sample, then spun once, and the result can be used for regeneration in various surgical maneuvers.

Thus, we rely on stimulation, regeneration and tissue healing because we use only the resources of the patient.

A-PRF advantages:

  • no side effects
  • rapid healing after surgery
  • use of raw material from the patient's body
  • • stimulates the formation of new blood vessels, which results in an improvement of the results that may be obtained conventionally

It is one of the most modern equipment used in endodontics. It is a compact engine, the latest generation 4 in 1, which incorporates Apex locator, endodontic Motor mutually vertical condenser and injection.